About Phototile

Upload your photos, crop, print, wait, and stick! This app let's you access your favorite photos on any social platform and prints beautiful canvas prints with no-nail hanging.

Irene pointed me in the right direction and I was able to tap in to the niche audience I was desperately seeking. She explained in ways that I could understand and my conversion rate improved tremendously. She's a visionary dot connector and a business saver.

+ John Liu | Digital Marketing Director, Phototile

About this project

The photo printing app space is a saturated market that can be difficult to be heard in. As the pioneers of the sticky canvas prints Phototile needed to stake its claim and create a brand that would identify it as the company to get canvas prints from.

A brand consultation with marketing director John Liu lead to a shift in the marketing approach. Instead of focusing on the function of the product the focus was shifted to the emotional connection with photos.