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there’s no one size fits all option for bodywork and fitness goals.

About CalMend

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, climb a mountain, or just relax from a stressful week there is a personalized massage therapy or one-on-one personalized training regimen waiting to be customized for you.


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Irene has been a tremendous help towards my business’ marketing needs and she has improved the visual appeal of my website tenfold, granting me something to confidently show off to my clients, old and new. Her strong work ethic, creativity and active listening, among many other professional attributes, have helped me feel understood, and certain that my business will profit greatly from her work. I highly recommend her.

+ Hunter Mason | Owner, CalMend

The Challenge

Hunter launched CalMend in 2017 with the goal of healing as many people as he could through bodywork and physical fitness. His clients are raving fans, but his digital presence just didn’t resonate.

The Solution

Website Facelift

We baked in conversion optimization touch points and simplified the site structure for easier consumption.

Email Automation

Setup of email automations to welcome new clients and to request reviews after the appointment.

List Segmentation

Setup foundational systems to develop dynamic segmentation based on services requested, frequency and offers.

Within three months we tripled his online massage therapy bookings and are now working on a new initiative for his personal training customers.