If an organization is to meet the challenges of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except [it's basic] beliefs as it moves through corporate life.... The only sacred cow in an organization should be its basic philosophy of doing business.
— Thomas J Watson
What was striking in hearing them talk about this was how conscious they were of what they were doing, their awareness of the inauthenticity of the self they presented on social media.
— Nancy Jo Sales
If someone is distraught, angry, or concerned, validating them is your best chance at getting them to be receptive to feedback. The great thing is, you can validate someone even if you disagree with them. Learning to do so will give you a valuable tool for navigating confrontations, negotiations, disagreements, and the like.
— Michael S. Sorensen
Habits are like pearls. Oysters create natural pearls by accumulating layer upon layer of a nacre--but what causes the nacre to begin forming a pearl? The arrival of a tiny irritant, such as a piece of grit or an unwelcome parasite, triggers the oyster's system to begin...
— Nir Eyal
This story started in Vopnafjörður, (wop-na-fyore-thur) according to a very old woman who knew everything about this sort of thing...
— Heidi Herman