My Philosophy

I believe marketing can change everything.

Do Good. Do Better.

As marketers, creatives, artists, and really anyone with a platform to publish on (which is everyone these days) we should all be aware of the power that we hold. Our minutes are filled with stories, images and messaging that shape our worldview. As a digital marketer, brand developer, and campaign creator I am acutely aware of the impact these messages have.

| I work to do good, and then to do better.

Trust + Joy

Communication doesn't happen without trust and joy. It's the basic requirement to begin a relationship and strong marketing is built on that kind of positive association. Impactful marketing happens when you are able to connect with your audience.

| I create relationships built on trust and joy

Knowledge = Growth

It takes an eye for design, an understanding of human emotion, and skills in wordsmithing to work in marketing. Add a 360° view of the marketplace, the competition, and the current environment to create effective marketing. This is a constantly changing environment that must be approached with a wide lens.

| I believe in ongoing education and lifelong learning. 

What I believe in a nutshell.

Ongoing Education

The world is constantly changing, my understanding of it needs to keep pace.

Data Counts

Before decisions there needs to be data.

Genuine Communication

Effective marketing requires a team and authentic relationships and genuine communication are key.

Details Matter

Growth requires strong foundations. The little details matter now.