Eggs in cold water and once it boils dump the hot water and add cold water

Once it boils turn off the fire let it set it 10 minutes

Dump the water after 10 mins

Crack the shells (peel a little bit)

In the pot 15 Black Tea bags (Ten Ren) MUST BE BAGS 2 Jasmine Tea bags  1 palmful of star anise  1 ring circle full of rock sugar 2-3 fresh chili peppers 1 whole onion (peeled)  Salt Alcohol (Michiu)  1 ring circle full of ginger 1 entire garlic (peeled)  2/3 of a Medium size Chung house bowl of Ponlai Soy Sauce

Add the eggs  Add the water until covered (eggs can stick out like half an egg but you’ll need to flip up)  High heat until boil  Low heat for 2-3 hours Turn off heat and let it sit over night High heat again for some time  then let it sit

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